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Quite simply put we sell fermented apple and pear juice, that’s all. Unfortunately in our modern society we have many different products that claim to be Cider or Perry but use European product laws to describe themselves which although occasionally taste nice enough they owe more of their taste to a chemist than to a brand of apple or pear, these are called Industrial Ciders by the trade or Alcopops. Once upon a time things were a lot less complicated, the only way to inform the populous of the difference is with a short history lesson and without pointing the finger of discontent in one particular direction.

It all started with an English company that primarily made 'Industrial ciders' opened a branch in Ireland. In its original form it didn't sell, it was subsequently changed to an Irish brand name which also under achieved. So they tried selling it to the Irish community in the United States, again it flopped. After a couple of years in the hands of an American PR company they hit on serving it in Florida in cocktail glasses but due to the effect of the heat, its taste and smell weren't popular until some bright spark served it over ice, thus reducing the smell & taste. Finally it took off, a few months later it was back in the UK along with the ice.

Adding ice to cider or perry reduces the taste experience. Both Cider and Perry need to breath like a red wine before drinking, they should be poured and then stand at room temperature before drinking. They should also be kept in rooms no lower than 55’F. There is also no such drink as Pear Cider, by definition Cider is made from Apple juice and Perry is made from Pear juice. There is however a drink made by a few producers called Pyder which is a 50/50 blend of fermented Apples & Pears.

Since 2010 Real Cider & Real Perry sales have grown in the UK in an expediential way, here in Sheffield growth has increased by well over 700%. So in a time where duty on beers spirits and wines increases and margins fall why not try putting a box of cider on the bar, no spare hand pumps required, no line cleaning to be done, just box on the back of the bar, complete with its self serve tap, pour and serve, easy. When its empty, flat pack it and replace with another box.